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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Current Prayer Request


1) Houston
2) James Orange
3) The Cunningham family: house burned/total loss
4) Katie Hollis
5) Standard family
6) Victoria: car accident
7) Freta BGeasley: knee surgery
8) Judy Thompson: appendix
9) Don Depalma: full body scan
10) Cindy: knee surgery
11) Heather: baby in hospital
12) Allison's grandmother: in hospital
13) John Blot: car accident
14) snow
15) Ms. Carter
16) Jennifer: ultrasound
17) Annette Moron's mom passed away
18) Jennifer's Dad's eyesight
19) Ms. Eady: stomach
20) Ms. Edna Comer: bad cough
21) Gavin: heart transplant

Katie went back to school
Ken's sister: doing great
Charles Crabtree
Nole's safe traveling

Thursday, October 30, 2008